Zoe Endures A Full 2 Qt Enema & Messes Her Diaper While Locked In Stocks


Little Zoe’s been a bad girl! She’s been arguing with Natalia and now she’s about to receive her punishment for it.

Natalia brings her into a back room Zoe had no idea existed and finds what Natalia’s been storing away! There’s not only loads of diapers in there but a stockade! What???

She gets locked into the stocks and can’t even see what Natalia starts doing behind her. Natalia’s prepping to give her a very full 2 quart enema!

Natalia really makes Zoe suffer with it! Eventually Natalia puts a diaper on her and lets her release the enema.


The enema comes rushing out and quickly fills the diaper. But that’s just the first squirt.

More and more and more! Zoe keeps pushing more and more enema out and it very loudly fills it fuller and fuller. It’s very brown and the diaper starts to sag with the massive, heavy load.

It leaks all over the floor. But Natalia doesn’t even bother to come near her to clean it up. Nope, Zoe still has more messing to do. Zoe’s never experienced anything like this before.

FART! The enema very noisily comes pouring out of her ass and fills the diaper SO FULL!


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