Unsuspecting Bella Signs Up For More Than She Bargained For!

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Bella just moved to the neighborhood and wants to meet some people and make new friends. When she hears that Natalia has a very exclusive club she’s very eager to join! She locates and contacts Natalia asking to join her “club”. Natalia quickly realizes that she has no idea that her “club” is actually an abdl nursery that specializes in diaper fantasies and punishments. This might make for a very entertaining time…

Natalia invites her over and has her sign a very long and detailed contract saying that Bella is to be under Natalia’s every command for the next several days for her hazing into her “club”. Bella doesn’t even really bother reading it before signing the contract and all rights to her freedom for the next few days. She has no idea what she’s getting herself into.

Natalia blindfolds her and leads her into the nursery. She’s so excited to join the club! But when Natalia takes off her blindfold and she sees the nursery she’s quite confused. She looks around and concludes that she might not actually be that interested in joining this club after all.

But it’s too late. She already signed the contract and she’s not going anywhere for the next several days. In fact, she has to do absolutely everything Natalia tells her to do.

Her intimidation gets worse when she’s told that she has to wear a diaper. She tries threatening to call the cops or anyone else that will listen. But Natalia reminds her that she’s already signed the contract and on page 17 it clearly states that she can do no such thing. Looks like Bella should’ve read that contract.

Bella’s horrified as Natalia makes her strip out of her pants and puts a diaper on her. Every moment is so humiliating! And Natalia does nothing to make it easier for her. She threatens her with spanking her with a riding crop meant for horses! Bella fears the further punishments so she complies and takes off her pants and panties and allows Natalia to wipe her pussy with baby wipes. She accepts the diaper and baby powder. But not very well. She’s so humiliated!


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