Unsuspecting Bella Gets Fed Baby Food Locked In A Hair Chair & Gags On It

PiDBellaFedBabyFoodHighChairHatesCuffsGag PiDBellaFedBabyFoodHighChairHatesCuffsGag2

Bella wasn’t expecting her initiation into this new “club” she so badly wanted to join was going to be anything like this! But this newbie has no choice but to do everything Natalia tells her to do thanks to the lengthy contract she has signed.

Natalia brings out a high chair and makes her sit down in it. She kinda freaks out a little bit when Natalia locks the tray on it so she can’t get out. Then she really starts to freak when she realizes that Natalia’s about to feed her real baby food! “I’m not a baby!” she continuously cries out!

“You are now,” Natalia explains. “An adult baby. You signed the release forms, you’re my baby now.”

Bella refuses. But that only works until Natalia threatens her with a spanking from a big, pink rubber spatula! Bella takes a bite as Natalia spoon feeds her and she almost gags on it! It all comes spilling out of her face and drops down her front and onto the tray. What a mess!

That only means she gets a bib to wear. It just keeps getting worse and worse!

Every bite makes her gag more and more. She hates this so much she chokes on it!

Until Natalia promises her a treat afterwards if she eats it like a good little girl…

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