Teen Schoolgirl Nikki Is Caught In A Messy Diaper & Gets Spanked Over Her Desk

PiDNikkiSchoolDeskCaughtMessySpankOverDesk PiDNikkiSchoolDeskCaughtMessySpankOverDesk2

Uh-oh. Little Nikki’s making things worse!

The yucky boy soaked diaper that the nun put Nikki into REALLY stinks now! Natalia checks her disgusting diaper and finds that Nikki has pooped in the diaper! What a naughty little girl she is!

Natalia immediately grabs a whip and bends her over the desk she was doing her schoolwork on and starts to spank her. Nikki screams and cries. Her diaper has four boys’ pee in it already and now its full of her own pee and poop! Natalia not only spanks her hard but also rubs and grinds the stinky mess right into her! So gross!

Maybe Nikki will eventually learn her lesson and learn to control herself.


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