Teen Schoolgirl Nikki Gets A Mini Enema & Tickled & Ordered To Hold It In & Not Mess

PiDNikkiMiniEnemaCrossTeaseTickledMess PiDNikkiMiniEnemaCrossTeaseTickledMess12 PiDNikkiMiniEnemaCrossTeaseTickledMess2PiDNikkiMiniEnemaCrossTeaseTickledMess3

Little schoolgirl Nikki has yet another test she has to make it through.

Sister Natalia gives her a mini enema and orders her that no matter what, she is to hold it in and not mess her diaper.

She has failed all of her previous tests of bladder and bowel control, but maybe she might pass this test.

Natalia leaves her alone for a little while so the mini enema can take effect. But after a few minutes she comes back in and begins to tickle little Nikki.

Nikki fails. She not only messes but she has a horribly runny mess! And so smelly too! Well, this cannot go without punishment for sure!


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