Star’s Surprise Enema While Locked In Stocks With Her Legs Suspended High


Poor Star. She’s been captured & put into such a predicament! Her head & wrists are locked in the stocks and her legs suspended high above her. She’s completely trapped and at Natalia & Master Snaurg’s mercy.

Enema time.

Natalia’s ready. Star…not so much. Because of the stocks she can’t really see what’s going on. Suddenly, the nozzle goes up her butt!

“OW!” She cries! But Natalia just lets the water flow.

How quickly she realizes what’s going on! And as Star’s little bum fills up with water, Master Snaurg zaps Star with the violet wand. The electricity making her struggle & wiggle & makes her but clench is so many different ways! She sucks the water right up into her rectum!

But of course this is just the beginning. Once her bum is full Natalia pulls out the nozzle & quickly shoves a nice, pretty pink buttplug up her ass. Time to strap her into the diaper before she can release!


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