Star’s Enema Release While She’s Locked In Stocks With Her Legs Suspended

DpMStarSuspendStocksEnemaRelease DpMStarSuspendStocksEnemaRelease2

Star…she wasn’t expecting that enema. Nor did she want it. But caught in such a position she really had no choice!

All full up and ready to empty out her bowels. Star cries. She has her head & hands securely locked in the stocks while she lays on her back on top of the cage. Her legs have been suspended high above her. And now Natalia prepares her for her diapered disaster.

She’s in such an easy position for the diaper to go on! Natalia puts her into a Dry 24/7 for her to do her deed in. Surely the extra thick diaper should hold up, right?


Star gets diapered then told she can release her enema. She cries as she’s made to push it all out in such a way! Natalia grabs the camera and taunts her. She captures her face as she cries. She captures her mess as it fills.

And what a mess! With her legs up so high and in such a position the diaper fills the wrong way! Not even the Dry 24/7 can hold up to the gravity as she pushes it out it runs up her backside and starts to leak all over the table.

Oh, what a mess indeed!!!

And fantastic angles capturing every view. Great video with close-ups of everything!!


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