Star Gets Her Rectal Temperature Taken, Spanked, Buttplugged, Diapered, Then Sent To The Corner

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Star comes in and tells Natalia that she’s not feeling well. She insists that she’s running a fever.

Natalia checks her and decides to take her temperature – rectally. She pulls down Star’s big-girl panties and sticks the thermometer in Star’s little butt.

But the thermometer reads 98.6F. She’s not sick at all!

Natalia’s not happy that Star lied to her about being sick! Star needs to be punished now! Natalia bends her over her knee and starts to spank her.

Then Natalia lubes up Star’s little ass and shoves a buttplug up it! She tells Star that she’s lost her big-girl panties privilege. It’s back to diapers for little Star!

Natalia straps her into a diaper and sends Star to the corner. She’ll learn…


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