Sexy Schoolgirl Emily Gets Changed Into A Diaper On The Changing Table

PiDEmilySchoolgirlIntoDiaperChangingTable PiDEmilySchoolgirlIntoDiaperChangingTable2

Little Emily was such a bad girl at school and is about to experience the real beginning of her punishment. She’s already gotten a good spanking and now it’s time for her to get diapered.

Natalia has her hop up onto a changing she’s added to Emily’s new bedroom. Natalia talks to her in baby talk to help transform this little adult girl into the baby that she’s going to be.

Natalia removes her skirt and panties and shows her the diaper that Emily must now wear. Natalia sprinkles baby powder all over her pussy and ass and uses a powder puff to humiliatingly put it all over the little adult baby. Emily cries and protests but it’s of no use. She’s gonna be transformed into the sweet little baby she once was. She has no choice. She must now accept her diapered life.


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