Sexy Schoolgirl Emily Comes Home & Finds Her Bedroom Has Been Turned Into A Nursery & Starts Her Punishment

PiDEmilySchoolgirlFindsBdrmNurseryOTKSpank PiDEmilySchoolgirlFindsBdrmNurseryOTKSpank2

Sexy little schoolgirl Emily comes home from school and when she walks into her bedroom she finds that all of her furniture & posters are gone and it’s been all been replaced with nursery decor. Complete with all the furnishings and even adult sized baby diapers!

“What’s going on? Where’s all my stuff? Are you pregnant or something?”

Natalia’s pissed off. “I got a call from your principle today.”

Emily is quick to deny that she did anything wrong. But that’s not true at all. She’s already gotten the full story of how she was bullying one of her classmates. Now this is her punishment.

Natalia bends little Emily over her knee and gives her a good butt spanking. She swats her over and over right on her white panties. Emily kicks and whines.

This is just the beginning. Emily has no idea just how severe her punishment is going to be.


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