Schoolgirl’s Diaper Punishment: “You’re A Baby Now!”


The hot little school girl’s diaper punishment continues in the nun’s dungeon!

Little Emily was caught bullying a classmate who was wearing a diaper for medical reasons. She was sent to the dungeon for detention. Sister Natalia is making sure she receives the proper punishment.

Emily’s really not liking having to wear a diaper. It completely humiliating her and Sister Natalia’s making it worse by teasing her in it. But it’s about to get even worse yet! Sister Natalia’s determined to take everything Emily was caught saying to little Bobby and turn it around on her. She’s about to get turned into a little baby!

As if Emily wasn’t humiliated enough!

Sister Natalia brings in a high chair and makes her sit down. “I’m not a baby!” She protests!

“You are now,” the Sister replies.

A pacifier to shut her up, a bonnet, a bib, and some nice fist cuffs to make sure she has no use of her hands. Locked into the high chair and nothing she can do about it. And the teasing continues! Poor, mean, little Emily…perhaps she might learn her lesson!


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