Schoolgirl’s Diaper Punishment: The Uncontrollable Mess & Humiliation

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Awwww…the poor little schoolgirl…

Emily’s been fed a heavy dose of laxatives and castor oil and her tummy is really feeling it by now. The mean Sister Natalia is making her crawl around on the hard concrete floor as they take effect.

And they definitely have a strong effect on her! Emily really doesn’t want to have to mess in her diaper but before long there’s nothing she can do to stop it! She stops in the middle of crawling and it all comes gushing out!

She messes and messes and messes! So much poo!

The little schoolgirl is mortified. But as if the humiliation of messing in a diaper isn’t enough the nun makes it worse. She gets spanked on her mess and made to sit on the hard floor right in it. And so much teasing! Little Emily just can’t believe this is happening! She cries out that she’s learned her lesson and wants so badly to just go back to class, but this is far from the end of it. In fact, this is still just the beginning…

Excellent humiliation video!!


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