Schoolgirl Nikki’s Next Test: She Gets Suppositories In The Dungeon & Must Not Mess! No Matter What…

PiDNikkiSuppositoriesSpankBenchTeased PiDNikkiSuppositoriesSpankBenchTeased2

Nikki is having all kinds of issues showing restraint! She’s not doing well at all with holding her bladder and not wetting. Now she has to try not pooping!

Sister Natalia shows her the suppositories she’s about to shove up her bum. Nikki’s a bit frightened at the thought but she accepts her punishment anyway. She is instructed to no matter how hard it gets, she is NOT to mess her diaper at all. Sister Natalia taunts and teases her as the suppositories melt and start to kick in.

She struggles and struggles and tries so hard to hold it in. It gets harder and harder for her.

Will she make it?


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