Schoolgirl Emily Gets Sent To The Nun’s Dungeon For Some Humiliating Diaper Punishment

PiDEmilyToDungeon4Punishmt PiDEmilyToDungeon4Punishmt2

Emily was being a naughty little schoolgirl! And she’s in BIG trouble now! She was caught in the school yard making fun of one of her classmates for wearing a diaper, which he has to do for of medical reasons.

Well now she’s been sent to the dungeon for punishment! And the nun in charge there has something special for Emily’s punishment. She wants to tease little Bobby and call him a baby? Well, now she gets to be turned into a baby.

The nun brings out a nice, big, thick diaper and tells her that she’s going to put it on her.

“WHAT!?? No, I’m not gonna wear a friggin diaper!” Emily argues.

But the nun gives her some nice threats and makes Emily strip out of her big girl clothes.

Oh, how horrified Emily gets as the nun slips the diaper underneath her. And baby powder too?! Oh yes, Emily is completely mortified.

The nun teases her completely once she’s diapered. That’s what she gets for being a bully!

First video in a series.


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