Poor Little Abby Gets Cuffed To The Wall & Can’t Hold Her Bladder Anymore!

PiDAbbyCuffed2WallWetsCriesOutHumil PiDAbbyCuffed2WallWetsCriesOutHumil2

Now for the next step in Abby’s retraining!

Natalia puts handcuffs on Abby’s wrists and attaches her wrists above her head to the wall. She’s now helpless.

Natalia tells her that she must now wet her diaper. And she’s not going to be let down until she does so. Abby refuses. But Natalia tells her that she’ll just end up staying there until she does so she can either wet her diaper now and get it over with or she can just sit there and wait until she finally does.  Natalia has all week to wait. So it’s up to Abby how long she wants to stay there.

Abby still refuses at first but finally gives in. She really does want to be let down, she just doesn’t want to endure the humiliation of sitting in a wet diaper. But she does anyway. Abby lets out a nice, good amount of pee and fills her diaper. She must really want to be let down! But not yet. Natalia has something else in mind first…


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