Orias Messes Her Diaper & Is So Humiliated As Natalia Teases Her

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Poor, poor Orias…she didn’t ask for any of this…

Poor, unsuspecting Orias has been given a mini enema by Natalia. She was definitely NOT wanting this at all! She tries so hard to hold it in so she doesn’t actually have to mess in her diaper! Natalia taunts and teases her the whole time.

But, of course, its of no use. Eventually, no matter how hard Orias tried to resist the cramping & building pressure in her gut, she is forced to relieve herself & fill her diaper with her warm, stinky poo.

Of course that’s not the end of it…Natalia has a fun time horrifying Orias by squishing the disgusting mess into her ass & getting it into her pussy.

Orias continues to push more out…seems holding it in for longer was a bad idea…

Natalia taunts & teases Orias about the mess she’s made and what a stinky little diaper girl she is. Further squishing it into her & making her to sit in it…and grind it in…



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