Naughty Teen Schoolgirl Nikki Messes While Doing Her Schoolwork & Panics As She Might Get Caught

PiDNikkiSchoolworkAtDeskMessesNPanics PiDNikkiSchoolworkAtDeskMessesNPanics2

Uh-oh! Nikki’s gonna get herself in big trouble this time!

Nikki’s sitting at her school desk that’s been set up for her in the dungeon when she farts.

“Ooh, that stunk!” She waves it away and hopes she doesn’t get caught stinking the place up.

Then she suddenly realizes that that fart was not alone. She has to poop!

She does. It’s uncontrollable! Leans over her desk and pushes a huge mess into her diaper.

And it’s so stinky! She realizes that if Sister Natalia happens to walk in that she’ll surely smell the mess that she’s made in her diaper!

She panics and tries so hard to wave the smell away.

But will she get away with it?


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