Naughty Nadia Gets An Enema While Locked On A Spreader Bar & Makes A Huge & Noisy Release


Oh, Nadia! Its time for an enema!!

Nadia doesn’t want one. But she’s gonna get one anyway.

She was so nicely playing on the floor when Natalia comes in. She cuffs and locks her to the spreader bar so she stays in proper position for the enema.

Natalia sticks the nozzle right up her butt and empties the whole bag into her rectum! Nadia’s not happy. But then, once given the command, its time for her to release it! And GUSH! She starts to push the enema into the diaper, filling it quite nicely. Nadia whimpers.

“I don’t want to push too hard!” Nadia cries. But Natalia commands her to do so anyway. Nadia pushes & gushes & fills her diaper up full!

Poor Nadia. She pouts.

Great enema video!



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