Natalia’s Painfully Harsh Diaper Punishment In A Public Park

PiDDaddyNatDiapSpankPark1 PiDDaddyNatDiapSpankPark PiDDaddyNatDiapSpankPark2

Daddy Patrick leads naughty Natalia by leash and collar thru a public park and punishes her for wetting her diaper. he finds a nice, somewhat private spot with a good concrete wall to bend her over so he can better spank her.

The diaper just provides Natalia with too much padding for the spankings so Daddy Patrick yanks them down. He commands her to stay put as he looks for a nice fresh branch to use as a switch – perfectly suited for spanking Natalia’s bare bottom.

Natalia cries in pain as Daddy Patrick makes her bare bottom nice & bright red! She pleads but gets nowhere. It seems Daddy’s rather enjoying himself at this point…

He grabs her by the hair & pushes her to the ground. He takes her wet, pee soaked diaper & shoves her face right into it. He teaches her a real lesson in messy diaper punishment…



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