Natalia Gives Orias A Mini Enema & Teases Her As It Kicks In


Poor, poor Orias…she didn’t ask for any of this…

Poor, unsuspecting Orias has been enslaved into diapers by cruel Natalia. And if that’s not bad enough Natalia has even more mean plans for her.

Orias wakes up from a nap to find Natalia sitting over her. She’s brought something…a mini enema! And Orias has no choice but to accept her fate. She’s so upset but bends over so Natalia can shove the tip of the tube up her ass & empty its contents into her bum.

It doesn’t take long for the cramps to kick in…and Orias really doesn’t want to go thru with this! She can’t believe her “friend” Natalia would do this to her! Now she’s gonna hafta shit herself?!?

The cramps are especially intense for poor Orias. she rolls around on the couch changing positions often trying to relieve herself of the pangs. Anything she can do to try to make them subside so she won’t actually have to poop in her diaper. She tries & tries…



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