Lizzy Gets Locked In A High Chair & Fed Baby Food & Castor Oil


Lizzy may have signed up for the all-inclusive vacation but she was sure not expecting this! She wasn’t wanting to be treated like a baby at all! And she’s sure not enjoying this!

But, alas, here she is. She’s on her vacation that’s turned out to be a vacation from adulthood. And now her host is going to be giving her her meal time – of baby food!

Her host locks her into a high chair and starts feeding her baby food. Not only that, but she’s spoon fed it with a baby spoon! And Lizzy finds this just plain appalling. Not only being treated like a baby, but the baby food is NOT GOOD!

But then her meal is polished off with a baby bottle which turns out to be spiked with castor oil. WHAT??? This is NOT what she signed up for at all!!

But she did…


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