Lizzy Gets Denied Bathroom Privileges & Is Humiliated When She Ends Up Wetting Her Diaper While Locked In The High Chair


Uh-oh. The time has come that Lizzy really needs to pee. She calls for Natalia to let her out to use the restroom. But when Natalia comes in & Lizzy tells her that she needs to pee, Natalia’s response is simple. “Well, good thing you’re wearing a diaper then!”

Lizzy starts to freak out. She thought the feeding was bad enough but now this?? She’s supposed to use the diapers too?!?

Lizzy begs and pleads to be let to use the restroom but she’s completely denied. Lizzy starts to freak out but her bursting bladder doesn’t give her enough time to plead for very long. Lizzy is completely mortified as she wets her diaper.

But wetting her diaper like a good little girl deserves a good treat…


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