Little Zoe Is Made To Masturbate In Her Messy Diaper

PiDZoeCroppedForcd2MasturbateMessyDiap PiDZoeCroppedForcd2MasturbateMessyDiap2

Zoe is stuck in her messy diaper and really wants to be changed out of it. But not yet.

Natalia wants her to touch and pleasure herself in her messy diaper! She instructs her to masturbate and cum in that dirty diaper!

Zoe can’t believe Natalia’s making her do such a thing and tries to protest, but Natalia brings out her riding crop and swats her messy diaper with it and makes sure Zoe does it.

Zoe’s so reluctant but she’s made to do it anyway.

Zoe quickly realizes that she has to pee and she’s not going to be able to have an orgasm unless she lets her bladder go. She begs Natalia to let her wet and Natalia tells her that if she has to pee that she’ll have to do it in her diaper…right on top of her own mess.

She does. She pees so much and freaks out about how warm it’s made her mess!

But obviously she doesn’t mind it too much because as soon as she wets her diaper and her mess she quickly brings herself to a massive orgasm!

Guess that dirty diaper isn’t so bad after all. I think she likes it…


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