Little Zoe Gets Spanked & Made To Orgasm As She Releases Her Enema Into Her Diaper

PiDZoeStocksEnemaMessyHitachiOsSpanked PiDZoeStocksEnemaMessyHitachiOsSpanked2 PiDZoeStocksEnemaMessyHitachiOsSpanked3

Two fantastic camera angles to capture everything that happens in this clip far too well!

Zoe is still releasing her giant enema into her diaper. “It’s just so much!” She cries out! “It just won’t stop!”

Natalia has a plan to help it along though. As Zoe is still squirting and farting and loading her diaper full she cries out that she’s sorry for being bad in the first place.

So much mess! And so noisy!

But as she has problems getting the rest out and it’s now leaking down her leg, Natalia pulls out the Hitachi. “Maybe this will help get the last bits of it out!” She tells her as she rams the Hitachi against Zoe’s extremely messy diapered clit.

Zoe cries out in passion as she continues to squirt mess into her diaper. And she gives another massive squirt as she cums into her messy diaper!

Now that she has gotten it all out, Natalia gives her a firm spanking with a flogger. How humiliating! Zoe screams and begs for this to end. But it doesn’t…


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