Little Teen Schoolgirl Nikki Is Made To Wear A Disgusting Diaper Pre-Soaked In Boys’ Pee

PiDNikkiCageChangedYuckyBoySoakedDiaper PiDNikkiCageChangedYuckyBoySoakedDiaper2

Little schoolgirl Nikki was made to sleep in a cage in the dungeon and has now woken up. She’s wet her diaper overnight and needs to be changed. No problem!

Natalia lets her out of the cage and makes her hop up on top – it’s a perfect changing table!

Sister Natalia brings in the diaper she’s going to change Nikki into. When Nikki sees this diaper she questions it. “What is that?!?”

Turns out Sister Natalia has a new punishment in store for Nikki to try to learn some bladder control. She had 4 very yucky boys from the school pee all over the diaper and soak it thoroughly. This is what Nikki’s gonna have to wear now.

Nikki pleads and pleads for the nun to not put her in this disgusting diaper. But it happens anyway. It’s now cold and extra gross and Nikki whines and is so disgusted that she has to wear this.

It stinks and is so nasty!

Nikki better learn to control her bladder. If she wets this at all it’ll surely leak and just make it all the worse.


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