Little Teen Nikki Is Handcuffed To The Bed & Made To Drink Castor Oil

PiDNikkiCuff2BedFedBottleCastorOil PiDNikkiCuff2BedFedBottleCastorOil2

Nikki is so upset about her punishment! She’s been handcuffed to the bed and gagged with a pacifier gag. And she really doesn’t like it! She struggles so hard to get free.

Bad idea! When Natalia catches her struggling to get free she comes in and gives little Nikki a good spanking.

But Natalia has something for Nikki. She takes the pacifier gag off her and introduces a baby bottle to her. Its time for her to drink her juice.

Natalia starts to feed her the bottle and spanks Nikki when she tries to disobey. Nikki finally starts to drink it but she has no idea that it’s been spiked with castor oil!

Natalia finally lets her know and Nikki starts to freak out. But Natalia quickly lets her know that that behavior is not ok. She is in control now. Even over her body functions.


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