Little Teen Nikki Gets Cuffed To The Lift & Tickled Until She Wets Her Diaper

PiDNikkiCuffedLiftTickled2Wets PiDNikkiCuffedLiftTickled2Wets2

Cute little Nikki has been a bad girl and sent to the nun’s dungeon for discipline. She’s been diapered to teach her a lesson. Now it’s time for the next phase of her punishment.

Nikki is handcuffed and her hands are hoisted up high above her. Now there’s no escape. The nun starts to tickle her. Nikki squeals and laughs and spins as much as she can. Oh, she just can’t control herself!

She can’t control her bladder either. The nun tells her she better not wet her diaper but Nikki can’t help it. She wets. Well, this just isn’t what the nun told her NOT to do!

Now she must be taught a new lesson.


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