Little Emily Messes Her Diaper While Locked In A Straitjacket In The Dungeon

DpMEmilyStraitjacketMessesDungeon DpMEmilyStraitjacketMessesDungeon2

Gorgeous and hot little Emily has been locked in a straitjacket and a diaper and left in the dungeon.

She’s all alone. And eventually nature takes it’s course and she has to go poop. She has no idea how long it’ll be before someone shows up to let her out so she can use the restroom that she so desperately needs to use right now. She struggles and struggles to try to get free. She makes her way to a standing position and tries even more to get free. Her open chested straitjacket allows for her ample breasts to bounce around as she tries so hard to get loose. But all the struggling just makes her potty needs all the more urgent. In time, she has no choice but to let it loose and allow her diaper to fill with her stinky poop.

She poops and poops and poops. The back of her diaper fills and bulges with the weight of her load. And now she’s stuck with it there. She can’t escape her messy diaper. Now what?


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