Little Emily Is Humiliated As She’s Put To Bed In A Crib


Little Emily is having a really hard time with her punishment. She is just so humiliated by being treated like a baby!

But now it’s bedtime. Natalia has gone all out. She makes her climb into a crib and covers her up in a baby blanket. She has to now stay in there and go to sleep in there. And if she’s bad then she’ll have to be locked in there.

She’s given a pacifier to suck on and baby music to fall asleep to. But Emily protests! She spits out her pacifier and whines.

Nope. Bad move. She gets a firm spanking for that one.

Finally Emily realizes she has no choice but to comply. She accepts her binky and a stuffed animal to cuddle up with and turns to go to sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow this will all be over for her.

(Hint: It won’t be)


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