Hottie Little Emily Gets An Enema & Expels It While Locked In A Straitjacket

PiDEmilyEnemaMessStraitjacketGag PiDEmilyEnemaMessStraitjacketGag2 PiDEmilyEnemaMessStraitjacketGag3

Little Emily has been a very naughty girl! She’s been throwing temper tantrums and has been put in a very tight, black straitjacket with the breasts cut out and with a leather pacifier gag as punishment. And now its time for the next phase of her punishment.

Natalia gives her an enema then leaves her all alone to writhe on the floor as she releases it.

FART! She begins to expel the enema into her diaper.

Gurgle, gurgle, PUSH! And more farts! She fills her diaper up nice and full.

Such a big, slobbery mess! And so many farts! This is one painful enema release!

Poor little Emily…


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