Fionna Bound In A Straitjacket & Makes A Lumpy Unassisted Mess In Her Little Baby Diaper

PiDFionnaMessesStraitjacket PiDFionnaMessesStraitjacket2

Struggling to poop in a tiny Pampers size 6…in a straitjacket…creating one massive load. You’ll love this video…

Poor Fionna…she’s being punished and has been left in a straitjacket. And when that uncomfortable urge comes on…well, none of this is easy.

But despite the challenges she manages to squeeze out her poop and fill her Pampers. And into her tiny diaper she creates one massive load…a very large and obvious lump. And poor Fionna’s so miserable…but I guess that’s why they call it punishment.

Awesome clip! Enjoy!



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