Emily Gets A Horrifying & Painful Enema & Releases It On The Spanking Bench

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This naughty schoolgirl’s punishment is about to get intense!!

Sister Natalia is about to dish out some pretty severe punishment this time. She pulls Emily over to the spanking bench and squeezes an extra large enema up Emily’s naked ass. Its so intense! Emily’s bum just isn’t meant to take so much water! Emily whimpers and writhes on the bench as she’s getting filled up.

Oh the cramping is so bad! Emily cries more as the mean nun puts a diaper on her. She’s told to keep holding it in until she’s told she can release it.

It doesn’t take long, though, for her to lose all control of her bowels. “It’s coming out!” she cries out.

Emily messes. It all comes rushing out of her ass like a torpedo!

The position she’s in makes the cramps hurt a gazillion times worse. She struggles and struggles and struggles to push it all out into her diaper. She screams with every push.

“I don’t know how much more I can poop!” She cries out as the brown stain on the back of her diaper continues to spread.


The mean nun walks over and spanks it into her butt. So humiliating!

But she’s still not done. she shrieks and struggles to move her position to help get the poo out easier. It just keeps coming and coming and coming!!

Emily’s brought to tears. Amazing enema video!!!


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