Dakota’s Horrifying Enema Release While Locked In Stocks

PiDDakotaEnemaReleaseInStocks1 PiDDakotaEnemaReleaseInStocks PiDDakotaEnemaReleaseInStocks3

And the release you’ve been waiting for! Well, Dakota’s sure been waiting far too long for this anyway…

Dakota’s been locked in stocks and given an enema then buttplugged and left alone for it to soak in. And now Natalia decides that its time for Dakota to release her enema.

She reaches into her diaper and pulls out the butt plug. In no time at all it comes pouring out of her ass!

She fills it and fills it and fills it! There’s so much!! The brown spot immediately spreads across her diaper (a wonderful close up view of it forming, too!) and it just keeps coming!

Poor little Dakota. She cries and pleads for this to stop but the only way to end this is to let it all out, of course. “It’s so gross!” she cries!

Her face shows every bit of emotion going through her while she’s releasing it. And there’s A LOT of emotions happing in this little girl.

She begs so much to be let go and it’s just not happening. Not for awhile.

Great views from every angle capturing it all! Super awesome video!!!


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