Dakota’s Horrifying Enema, Buttplugged, & Diapered While Locked In Stocks

PiDDakotaEnemaInStocks PiDDakotaEnemaInStocks2 PiDDakotaEnemaInStocks3

Here’s one helluva diaper discipline video for you!! So many things happening in this one makes it incredibly intense!!

It’s time for Dakota to get an enema! And she’s not wanting one. Not at all.

Dakota cries and screams as the very full 2 quart enema bag gets emptied inside her rectum. “It hurts!!”

But Natalia doesn’t let up until it’s emptied inside her. Dakota begs for release but it’s not happening. Not even close.

Natalia’s trusty sidekick comes in with a huge buttplug. Dakota cries that it’ll never fit but Master Snaurg starts cramming it up her butt anyway. But it seems Dakota was right. After much trying it’s determined that it’s just too big to get fully into her extremely tight little bum. Although it’s fun to watch her scream and cry out in agony as it’s tried.

Never fear, there’s plenty of buttplugs around this dungeon! The next one’s a bit smaller and slips right in nicely. A little too nice perhaps as it slips back out before the diaper can get put on her.

That’s what some nice bondage rope is for! The rope tying her hair to the stocks to keep her head up with then tied from her hair to her waist then down between her legs, securing the butt plug in place as Master Snaurg and Natalia humiliates and punishes poor Dakota for awhile. They take pictures to capture the moment. Dakota cries out!

Then she gets diapered. The buttplug still in place, she’s left there alone with threats of being there all night.

Poor Dakota! The agony! The misery! The humiliation!

Great camera angles from all the way around. You see EVERYTHING!

One super awesome video!!!


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