Bound Beauty Bella Wets & Is Made To Orgasm While Locked In The High Chair


Bella’s cuffed and gagged with a pacifier gag in the high chair. She sure wasn’t expecting any of this when she was wanting to be initiated into Natalia’s club! And now she has to pee.

The pressure on her bladder built up so much that she just couldn’t hold it in anymore! Her bladder lets loose and she wets her diaper.

When Natalia hears the commotion she’s making she comes in and finds her in her wet diaper and laughs at her. Bella is so humiliated! And Natalia is going to take full advantage of the situation.

She brings in her powerful Hitachi vibrator and goes to town on Bella’s wet diaper! Bella’s initially completely freaked out by her wet diaper but the intense sensation quickly gets to be too much and she can’t help but enjoy it.

She cums. And she cums again! It gets so intense!

Bella’s learning that she might actually like this…


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