Bound Abby Gets Fed An Overdose Of ExLax And Made To Cum In Her Wet Diaper


Abby’s diapered retraining continues!

Abby’s been cuffed to the wall and must endure the punishment Natalia dishes out to her. First Natalia gives her a massive overdose of ExLax. She makes sure Abby eats it all up.

Now Abby must learn submission. Natalia teaches this to her by rubbing the front of her wet diaper with a powerful Hitachi vibrator! Right over her diapered pussy.

Abby tries so hard to resist the humiliating pleasure she’s receiving but Natalia doesn’t let up. She must learn to completely submit to what’s happening to her. She has multiple orgasms – over and over and over again until she properly learns total submission. She begs for it to stop but no. She must keep going. And going and going and going…


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