Blackmailed Zoe Must Comply: She Shows Up To An Adult Nursery & Made To Wear A Diaper & Gets Hypnotized

PiDZoeHypnoPutOnDiaperClothesHeadphones PiDZoeHypnoPutOnDiaperClothesHeadphones2

Zoe is being blackmailed and she doesn’t even know by who! They have her running this crazy scavenger hunt to find a bag of toys & to add a few additional odd things to it. So far she’s been doing everything that is asked of her and hopes this will be over soon.

Too bad for her, this is only the beginning. Zoe is sent to an address and goes inside…

It’s an adult nursery! Well, this day just keeps getting weirder and weirder. She quickly finds a piece of paper with her name on it and reads it: “Put these on!” it says.

She examines the items left in the stack. A t-shirt that says, “Happiness is a warm diaper!”, a very large and thick adult sized diaper, a pacifier, and a pair of headphones.

She has no choice to comply or else her secret gets out so she does exactly as the note says. She strips out of her adult clothes and puts on the shirt and diaper. She pops the pacifier into her mouth and starts sucking away. Then she puts the headphones on.

She hears mostly strange white noise but there’s a hypnotic spell subliminally embedded in it. Suddenly she’s in a trance! “Yes, I will do everything you say,” she says blankly.

And just like that little Zoe is at the mercy of the voice of her blackmailer. What, oh what shall he make her do?


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