Bella Gets Suppositories While Locked In A Straitjacket & Messes Her Pampers

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Poor Bella. She really had no idea what she was getting into when she signed up to join Natalia’s special “club”. Now it gets worse.

Locked in a straitjacket and no way to escape, Natalia lets her know what her plan is for her next. She’s about to get suppositories. When Bella realizes what they are and what they’ll do she starts to really panic! But no amount of protesting is going to fix this. It’s inevitable.

Natalia makes her bend over and shoves a suppository up Bella’s ass. It’s so uncomfortable!

The effects begin rather quickly and Bella can’t stop it. Soon enough she poops in her diaper. A LOT!

It’s so humiliating!! But leave it to Natalia to make it even worse for her.


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