Annabelle Gets Tied Up & Rope Suspended In Her Diaper

PiDAnnabelleDiaperSuspended PiDAnnabelleDiaperSuspended2 PiDAnnabelleDiaperSuspended3 PiDAnnabelleDiaperSuspended4

Annabelle is now a diapered slave.

Gorgeous Annabelle has been captured and diapered against her will and is now about to be tied up and rope suspended in the very first diapered rope suspension!

She’s stripped down to nothing but her diaper then gets multiple ropes tied tight around her. She’s taunted and teased as she gets bound and gets little hints about what is to come. She’s so humiliated and so nervous!!

Then eventually she gets lifted off the ground and is fully suspended off the ground and is left dangling from the ceiling…and completely helpless…

So HOT!!!!


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