Amanda Locked In A Straitjacket & Made To Mess Her Diaper

PiDAmandaMiniEnemaMessesStraitJacket PiDAmandaMiniEnemaMessesStraitJacket2

Poor Amanda…she’s just happily playing away, sucking on her pacifier, when Natalia comes along and insists that its time for her to poop.

And so its mini enema time! Natalia squeezes a tube up her ass. Then she straps her nice and tight into a strait jacket!

Poor Amanda! She wasn’t wanting this! She pouts and makes such cute faces as the mini enema kicks in & does what it’s supposed to.

And then it’s time…Amanda squeezes the mess out of her & fills her diaper full of poo!

She rolls around in it making a big ol’ mess inside her diaper! Awww….



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