Alyssa Tickled, Teased, & Humiliated In Her Messy Diaper While Locked In The Crib


Poor little Alyssa. She’s handcuffed inside the crib & can’t get out and is stuck in a messy diaper. Who knows how long this will last? Natalia has left her in such a state for who knows how long.

But when Natalia comes back, Alyssa has a moment of hope. “You’re back! Can you change me now?”

But there’s no hope for that. Natalia only came home for a moment because she forgot something before she headed out for the day. She has no intentions of changing Alyssa out of her messy diaper at all. But she will take a moment to tease and torment her a little about it.

Alyssa gets tickled, teased and utterly humiliated in her messy diaper. And she’s STILL going to have to stay in it for hours.


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