After 3 Mini Enemas, Emily Make An Enormous Mess In Her Diaper While Locked In The Crib

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Emily has been punished with 3 mini enemas, a large buttplug, and has been diapered and locked in the crib. Now the effects from the mini enemas are screaming to come out and she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold it, despite the large buttplug, tight diaper, and awkward position that she’s locked in.

What a struggle! She has to push so hard to get the buttplug out against the lack of space in her diaper but the strength of the mini enemas makes it happen. She strains as she pushes and soon enough the butt plug comes popping out. As does everything inside her bowels. A massive lump in her diaper forms as does the brown staining on the liner.


Emily’s eyes roll into the back of her head as she strains to get it all out. Such a big mess for such a little girl! And it just keeps coming out until absolutely everything is expelled.


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