Abby Gets A 2 Quart Enema & Messes Her Diaper While Locked In Stocks


Abby’s been such a bad girl!

Natalia’s had enough. She drags Abby into the back room where she has stocks set up for Abby’s punishment this time.

And once Abby’s locked into the stocks she has no idea what’s going on behind her. So she’s extra surprise when Natalia suddenly jabs an enema nozzle up her ass!

She begs and begs as 2 quarts of water is emptied up her ass. It’s just so much and gets her so full! She doesn’t think she can hold it all in but she manages. Natalia knew she would.

Natalia puts a diaper on her and tells her to not let it out yet. Not until she says she can. Abby begs and begs to be able to relieve herself but Natalia makes her hold out.

And then it’s time. Natalia lets her release is and GUSH! you hear a loud squirt of water come shooting out of her ass and filling her diaper.

More and more and more. Abby soaks her diaper with her dark mess.

FART! Such loud farting! And it gets so stinky in the small room!

Sometimes apologies just aren’t enough.


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