A Full Vacation From Adulthood! Lizzy Had No Idea What She Agreed To!


Lizzy really needed a vacation so she signs up for a room for rent from a travel website. In the ad, there was an option for an All Inclusive Full Vacation From Everyday Life! so she signed up for it figuring it sounded like a refreshing change from all that’s been going on with her lately. Little did she know what she was walking into.

She shows up to her room and lets herself in. She’s startled by the look of the room not quite being what she expected. It looks more like a little kid’s room! And with baby toys and diapers all over the place? It was just odd.

But tired from a long day of traveling she shrugs her shoulders and figures it’s only for a few days, so whatever, she sits down on the bed and starts to take her boots off.

That’s when the host walks in and sees that she’s arrived. Lizzy wasn’t expecting someone else to be there but is ok with it as she introduces herself. But then she goes on. Lizzy signed up for the special vacation package and had entered into a contract. Now it’s about to begin. Her host, Natalia, starts to tell her all about it.

Remember the times when you were a little baby girl and someone else took care of you? No worries, no responsibilities, no dangers? Well, it’s time to relive those moments. Natalia’s going to take care of her all weekend. What a fabulous vacation, right?

Well, Lizzy isn’t so sure. Especially when Natalia tells her that she’s going to start off by putting a diaper on her.

It’s going to be a very interesting weekend, indeed…


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